The Genahsyde Takeover

Masicka is the artist to beat in 2018. Coming off a successful 2017, Masicka looks set to takeover dancehall, following a slew of big singles, starting with ‘They Don’t Know’ in January and continuing to his most recent release ‘Stay Strong’ which came out at the end of August.

Versatility is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Masicka’s performance so far in 2018, as we have seen a lot of different styles from the Portmore deejay. Ranging from the inspirational with songs like ‘Victory’ and ‘Greatness’, the strongly explicit with ‘Ride’ and even attempting an English accent on ‘Yeh Blood’. Masicka has shown us various looks in 2018, each showing a different edge to the talented deejay.

Lyricism has been something that has really stood out in Masicka’s performance in 2018, as he as been able to not only create popular songs, but also songs that have a deeper and profound meaning to both the deejay and those listening. ‘They Don’t Know’ which in itself is a stand out track, really stands out lyrically, as Masicka goes in on his haters and doubters, telling us that they don’t know about his tough upbringing and how hard he had to work to get to where he is; and only know him from his success (namely his songs) and want to see his downfall.

This theme of overcoming doubters and being able to move past adversity, has really been pivotal in a lot of music put out by Masicka this year. With ‘Victory’, ‘Dem Nuh Happy Fi We’, ‘Greatness’, ‘Ears A Ring’, ‘Crabs Inn Barrel’ and ‘Stay Strong’ all focusing on this theme. ‘Stay Strong’, Masicka’s most recent release again focuses on his upbringing and his want to see those around him succeed, he also focuses on the hardships that those around him are also going through and what life is like for those growing up in similar circumstances to him. ‘Stay Strong’ is Masicka’s most thought provoking effort so far in 2018 and really continues to display both his impressive lyrical ability but also his versatility as a deejay.

Another important element of Masicka’s music in 2018 has been the deejay looking back on how his life has changed since his days struggling in Portmore, this features heavily in two of his standout singles ‘Changes’ and ‘Top Form’ as both address his current lifestyle and the differences between his life now and the life he used to live when he was growing up.

‘Changes’, as the title suggests, addresses the changes he has experienced in his life through music and the effect this has had on those around him and how there is “no more pain” in his mother’s eyes.

‘Top Form’ focuses on this in more of a traditionally dancehall boastful sense, talking about the weapons he and his crew can now afford, the clothes and jewellery he is able to buy and the girls around him.

The difference between these two songs really demonstrates the versatility of Masicka in 2018, as he has been able to use the theme of change and success in two entirely different ways, creating two songs that sound entirely different and portray different elements of his success as an artist.

2018 has also seen increased international success for Masicka, featuring on the lead single for the Intent 2 soundtrack ‘Creepin Up’ with Remedee, Kojo Funds and Yxng Bane and also on the Wretch 32 and S.O.S single ‘Affi Me’. Perhaps the most talked about event of the past 9 months on the international scene for Masicka was his interview with Fox 5 News in New York, in which he continued to show his personal side, which has been increasingly important in his music.

Masicka has really demonstrated his skills as a deejay in 2018 and has continued to show his promise as an upcoming deejay in dancehall. His versatility and lyrical ability has been on full display over the last 9 months. Let’s see if he can continue his dominance over the next 3 months and take the crown of best deejay in 2018.

Check out Masicka’s work in 2018 below

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