Riddim Roundup- September 2018

Welcome to Riddim Roundup, our monthly segment featuring the five best riddims released in the last month, featuring our picks for best song and song most likely to be slept on. This is something you won’t want to miss.

1. Beach Resort Riddim


Best Song-‘Know Mi Good’- Busy Signal/ ‘Bounce’- Gyptian

Know Mi Good’- Busy Signal– Busy Signal is having a good 2018 and that continues with another solid effort effort on this riddim. Busy Signal uses his strong lyricism built around a strong hook to create a whining anthem.

‘Bounce’- Gyptian– Gyptian uses the riddim to create his own slow jam, which is quite different to the rest of the songs on the riddim, but is something we usually expect from Gyptian. Creating a catchy hook which perfectly fits the riddim.

Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘You A Lead’- Krush

Krush comes with yet another sensual effort on this riddim, calling on his girls from “every nation” to take the lead in the bedroom. This is a very good effort from Krush and shows some very promising lyrical ability.

2. Money Order Riddim


Best Song- ‘Dutty Badmind’- Alkaline

Alkaline comes with one of the best tracks in September calling out all the ‘badmind’ people about him (for those that don’t know what that means, the haters and doubters around him). Another very strong effort from Alkaline, who has had a relatively quiet 2018 so far, but looks determined to silence all his haters.

Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Go Harder’- Itakay

Itakay who has previously featured with artists such as Wayne Wonder and Teejay, comes with a song that calls out ‘badmind’ in a similar way to Alkaline. ‘Go Harder’ is built around a well written and catchy hook and really stands out on this riddim, which features a lot of top tier artists.

3. Ear Bud Riddim


Best Song- ‘Leader’- Vershon

‘Leader’ showcases Vershon at his best, featuring his usual conscious lyrics, but also featuring some war talk from the deejay and the repercussions for talking out against this ‘Leader’.

Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Don’t Get Caught Up’- Jah Wiz

Jah Wiz calls out those that get caught up in the past and don’t look towards the future, in yet another song on this riddim that focuses around consciousness. Jah Wiz displays his strong versatility in ‘Don’t Get Caught Up’, this versatility as an artist has seen him previously feature as a background singer for the likes of Maxi Priest, Shaggy and Etana.

4. Ghetto Story Riddim


Best Song- ‘Millionaire’- Christopher Martin

‘Millionaire’ focuses on the struggles Christopher Martin faced on the way to becoming a millionaire and his want to share his wealth with those around him, as they didn’t leave him on his way to the top, even through the struggles that they have had to face together.

Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘I Pray’- Deep Jahi

Deep Jahi’s ‘I Pray’ focuses on the issues that he can see around him, including the crime rate in Jamaica and the draw of life on the streets in Jamaica. Deep Jahi is praying that he is protected from this life and that he is able to focus on his career in music.

5. Bed Spring Riddim

maxresdefault (5)

Best Song- ‘So Mi Small’- Shenseea

Shenseea is back with another heavily explicit effort, in a track that is centred around her sexual prowess. This track continues to show the abilities of perhaps the biggest female deejay in dancehall at this point in time, being the third dancehall artist to hit over a million followers on Instagram this week, Shenseea is continuing to put out high quality music that appeals to her ever growing fan base.

Most Likely To Be Slept On- ‘Bedspring’- Mr G

The titletrack on this riddim certainly does not disappoint with Mr G, a relatively unknown artist, comes hard on the riddim, with yet another explicit effort, focused around the artist’s skills in the bedroom. This is a very promising track for Mr G.

Find below all the tracks from this month’s riddim roundup.

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