Album Review- ‘Turning Tables’- Chi Ching Ching

Chi Ching Ching releases his debut 16 track debut album, Chi Ching Ching has long been a feature of dancehall, starting out as a dancer under the name All Star, 2018 sees the artist taking a new path releasing an album which features a large variety of musical styles, featuring some of his previously released hit singles and a variety of original work.

The last year has been a whirlwind for Chi Ching Ching, which has seen the artist being taken under the wing of Sean Paul, which led to Chi Ching Ching becoming a feature of Sean Paul’s world tour and signing with Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock label.

Sean Paul features three times on the album, on the previously released ‘Crick Neck’ and ‘Weed Problems’, and on the new track ‘Fuck It Up’ which also features Fatman Scoop and DJ Olde. Both ‘Crick Neck’ and ‘Weed Problems’ are notable tracks, both showing promise for Chi Ching Ching and his versatility as he is able to perform well over both of these EDM tracks and shows promise for this being a possible avenue for the deejay in the future.

As for Chi Ching Ching’s roots as a dancer, ‘Turning Tables’ stays true to these roots featuring some of his best known recent dance songs, with ‘Roast or Fry (Breadfruit)’, ‘Rock Di World’ and ‘Rope’ all being featured on the album, with ‘Rock Di World’ featuring as a remix with Fatman Scoop, Patoranking and Stone Bwoy. ‘Roast or Fry’ is the real standout among these tracks having already amassed a great deal of international and local support, amassing 2.7 million view on YouTube.

Chi Ching Ching continues with many of the hyped up tunes that we are used to hearing from him, with ‘Shell It’, ‘Midfield’ and ‘Rice and Peas’ (which was previously released in May) all displaying Ching’s skill of being able to produce fast tempo dancehall that is removed from some of the themes are often associated with dancehall, these efforts aren’t excessively explicit or make reference to violence and are just feel good music, which is quite a refreshing look for a dancehall artist.

Chi Ching Ching’s versatility really stands out on this album, which is something that he hasn’t really demonstrated before, this album features some real conscious dancehall with ‘Love Mi Life’, ‘I Shall and I Will’, ‘Turning Tables’ and ‘Always Deh Deh’, which are all feel good anthems and show some real lyrical skill from Chi Ching Ching. ‘Top Boss’ shows a hip hop look from Chi Ching Ching, with a strong hip hop instrumental and again shows lyrical skills from the deejay, with the strong hook being a real standout on the track. Chi Ching Ching gives us another EDM sounding track at the end of the album with ‘Cause Trouble’ that features Banx and Ranx, this unlike the other EDM tracks on the album is a bit more restrained sounding quite like something that Major Lazer would produce having a strong bassline but not featuring some of the more in your face elements of the other EDM tracks on the album.

‘Inna Foreign’ featuring Bounty Killer is the real standout track from the album, Bounty Killer is at his best combining well with Chi Ching Ching. This track really standouts out because although when listening to the song it seems high paced and therefore could be seen as lacking lyricism. This track is anything but with Bounty and Ching having a discussion throughout the track about the changing mindset of those that leave Jamaica to go live ‘Inna Foreign’ and asking “what a gwarn inna foreign” to make these people change.

Turning Tables by Chi Ching Ching is a really well rounded albums, giving us a good at his versatility which is on full display on the album, his lyricism also really standout on the album, which is something that he is not particularly well known for but he clearly demonstrates some lyrical skill on this album. This album is really a light-hearted dancehall album which is quite far removed from a lot of the sexual and violent music that is often produced by deejay’s and it is quite refreshing to get a more family friendly sounding dancehall album. 

To check out Chi Ching Ching’s album on the Spotify link below


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