Track of the Week- ‘Dancehall Prophecy’- Mavado

Dancehall Prophecy is somewhat a comeback single for Mavado having had a relatively quiet year in 2018, having released very few singles and keeping a low profile on the scene in general.

Mavado’s 2018 has seen collaborations with big name artists like Sean Paul and Stefflon Don but has yet to this point seen a lot of solo work, with his biggest single thus far in 2018, coming with Father God in May.

2018 has seen a lot of issues arise for Mavado and those around him as his 16 year old son is currently awaiting trail for murder and conspiracy charges related to an incident in Cassava Piece on the 5th of June, which is believed to be related to an incident involving Mavado on the 2nd of June.

As for Dancehall Prophecy, Mavado addresses a lot of issues that he has faced, addressing his son’s current legal situation saying “set you up, say dem wicked and tan; cyaan trust a soul in the ghetto weh you from”. Mavado also addresses his own struggles to get to where he is saying he was “never born with a gold spoon inna my mouth; struggling a my thing”.

Dancehall Prophecy is a heartfelt song by Mavado explaining both his current situation and the situation of those around him and his will to succeed through all this adversity. This is a big comeback song for Mavado and something that his fans no doubt will be glad to hear as he has spoken very little about his son’s current situation.


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