Hidden Gems- Bobby Shmurda- Hot N***a (Reggae Remix)

Hidden gems will be a series of posts focusing in on songs and albums that you may not even know existed, we will give you insight into some of those that didn’t receive as much attention as they deserved when they were first released and give you the opportunity to judge them for yourself.

Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a came out in July 2014, originally intended to be just a street anthem among Shmurda’s crew GS9 in Brooklyn, it soon became a worldwide hit, charting across the world.

The Reggae Remix was released in August 2014, and features Junior Reid, Jah X, Mavado and Popcaan. This wasn’t the only time the track received love from the dancehall community with Elephant Man releasing ‘Shmoney Dance’ in August 2014, which references the dance that went viral as part of the original video, Elephant Man went on to record a music video for the song with Bobby Shmurda in Brooklyn.

The Reggae Remix is actually really impressive with all the deejays featured suited the instrumental perfectly, Mavado even recorded his verse in the studio with Bobby Shmurda.

Junior Reid opens the track well, which is quickly followed by Jah X, both bringing quite a similar vibe to the track, Mavado jumps in and changes the pace, bringing slower vocals than Reid and Jah X. Popcaan’s verse is the real standout on the track, coming with deeper vocals than we normally hear from the deejay, but it perfectly fits the instrumental. Popcaan’s verse cuts out just in time for the iconic lines “about a week ago” and finishes with Shmurda’s original final verse.

This track really didn’t receive the love it deserves when it first came out, so time to show it some love now and check it out below.

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