Hidden Gems- ‘Snapback Riddim Medley’- Warning Crew (Juvinile, Maxx, Stamma Kid and Stylo G)

‘Snapback Riddim’ from September 2011, featured hits like Popcaan’s ‘Clean’ and Vybz Kartel’s ‘Put It On Hard’, with the work on the riddim by the UK based Warning Crew being quite overlooked at the time, with the medley of their efforts on the riddim only reaching 78,000 views on YouTube.

The medley starts off with Juvinile, who comes in with a very aggressive take on the riddim shouting ‘inna mi snapback, mi backpack and mi glock pon mi waist, step pon di street, ah no time mi a waste’. Stylo G comes in with ‘Juggling’, which is a less aggressive on the riddim, focusing on a girl backing ‘it up pon di dumpa truck’. Maxx comes in next again with a different take on the riddim, focusing on his preferred way to turn up as ‘the gyaldem alone mek wi party’. Stamma Kid takes over from Maxx, with Maxx coming in quickly after Stamma Kid finishes off his verse, Stamma Kid focuses on the type of vibe he wants as ‘champagne ah pop and Hennessy ah pour’.

Check out this underrated effort from Warning Crew below

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