Introducing- K.A

Our introducing series, will start to introduce you to a wide range of artists from across the world, that are looking to move reggae and dancehall forward, creating great music and not receiving the attention they deserve. This first post will be on upcoming artist K.A

K.A. grew up in Tower Hill, in Kingston 11, the young artist recorded his first songs in one of his friend’s houses. He then went on to record his second single at the Frenz4Real studio in Tower Hill in 2011, Frenz4Real have mixed hits such as ‘So Mi Like It’ by Spice, ‘Banga’ by Aidonia and ‘True Colours’ by Jahmiel. After this K.A really started his career in music, having always had a love for music throughout his time at school.

In December 2017, the fledging artist moved from Jamaica to live with his mother and family in France, residing near Paris.

K.A’s biggest influences are Ninjaman, Josey Wales, Merciless and Vybz Kartel. Having previously worked around Ninjaman and Merciless. K.A has worked alongside Ninjaman in various capacities, having worked with him on shows in St Mary, and even being called on stage by the deejay at the RJR Road Show.

K.A summarises his style as having a unique voice from other artists and that he does not try to make his music sound like anyone else’s. He also tries to write most of his own music and stay true to himself. The song that he believes really stands out is ‘From You Have Life’, as he has had great reactions from it so far, but he also says that he has greater songs that are coming soon.

‘From You Have Life’ is a thought provoking effort from K.A  as he sings ‘from you have life, you have everything’, focusing on the importance of things that really matter in life and overcoming obstacles, it is a really good song from K.A and shows genuine promise and skill in songwriting.

K.A is an artist that is showing real skill and dedication to his craft looking to push reggae music forward internationally, and remains humble and motivated, as he said to me “you have to make the first step forward and when you make that first step there is no turning back to that same position”, K.A is an artist that is really looking to move music and himself forward.

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