Interview- Jahazeil Myrie

Jahazeil Myrie is the son of the great Buju Banton, who is starting to carve his own musical legacy. Following a string of incredibly impressive releases, which has seen him interviewed on Onstage TV and has seen a lot of hype start to build around the artist. Perhaps his most impressive work is ‘Hold On’ which was released in April 2018, which deals with overcoming depression and is a very powerful and meaningful song and shows a great deal of songwriting skill for Jahazeil.

Today, I had the pleasure of  having a conversation with Jahazeil, asking him about his influences, his father and the incredible music that he is putting out.

What was it like growing up with Buju as your father? 

Jahazeil- “He was a strict person but fun and goofy at times. Growing up with him was like any normal father because he had to play the dad role to us and not the Buju role”

When did you first start making music?

Jahazeil- “I started making music at the age of 8, professionally I started at 16”

What was the first song you recorded? 

Jahazeil- “The first song I recorded was called ‘No More’ and was produced by my brother Markus Myrie”


Markus Myrie, Jahaziel’s brother, also known as Markus Records has produced for the likes of Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Agent Sasco and Mavado. Markus Records is one the most prominent producers in Jamaica.

So other than your father, which other artists inspire you? 

Jahazeil- “Other artists who inspire me, every artist who is in the game really because I’m a fan of dancehall and reggae music, so every artist who played a part in it inspires me”

What is your personal highlight of your career so far?

Jahazeil- “The highlight of my career right now is that I have a song called ‘Hold On’, which talks about over coming depression and it’s doing well both locally and overseas. It’s a very good song and is getting heavy rotation. I just did an interview for Onstage, got written about in The Star and The Observer and also did an Entertainment Report interview. I also did the video for it as well, which is doing ver well it’s premiered on World A Reggae and Reggaeville, so it’s a good song”

Which song by your father means the most to you? 

Jahazeil- “23rd Psalm”

What would be your dream collaboration? 

Jahazeil- “My dream collaboration would be working with 50 Cent”

It was a pleasure talking to Jahazeil, who is a really confident artist, who is producing really powerful and meaningful music, something which his father would definitely be proud of. ‘Hold On’ is a really amazing song and is a really powerful take on depression, which is topic which really isn’t often covered in music. The future is looking very bright for Jahazeil. 

Check out more of Jahazeil’s amazing music below

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