Track of the Week- Vybz Kartel ‘Best Friend’

The last couple weeks have seen several releases from Kartel’s camp after a relatively quiet 2018 to this point, with most of the news surrounding Kartel, this year, focusing on his current appeal.

Friday saw the release of ‘Best Friend’, in which Kartel decides that dogs no longer own the title of man’s best friend, instead designating this title to “a tight pum-pum”. This is classic Kartel, who has previously released songs like ‘Punani A Mi Best Friend’, so this statement doesn’t really come as a surprise.

‘Best Friend’ was accompanied by a lyric video, which has many interesting elements, including some rather odd vinyl nipples and various videos of dogs, so the video kind of suits the rather odd take the track has on a man’s best friend.

The lyrical content of the track is classic Kartel, as he takes something which many dancehall songs are focused on, that being sexuality, and flips it to make his own unique take on it. With lines like “a tight pum pum is a man’s best friend, couldn’t be a puppy, what a load of s**t”, showing Kartel’s unique way of approaching many topics which has really distanced himself from other artists that wouldn’t attempt to make a song approaching this topic from this angle.

Check out our pick for track of the week below

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