Album Review- ‘Never Ending’- Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond releases first album since 2012’s ‘One Love, One Life’ with ‘Never Ending’ which came out on Friday, this being his sixteenth studio album.

‘Never Ending’ definitely does not disappoint and continues to show Beres as one of the most underrated artists in the history of both reggae and music in general, with Beres’ catalogue at this point easily able to stand up to pioneers in almost every genre of music.

‘Never Ending’ opens with the previously released single ‘I’m Alive’ which is an upbeat track with Beres giving thanks for life and the success he has had. This upbeat theme continues throughout the beginning half of the album with ‘Land of Sunshine’, ‘I Will Take You There’, ‘Only One’ and ‘My Kinda Girl’. Beres slows it down a bit with ‘Sleeping Beauty’ which focuses on Beres watching over his sleeping lover.

‘Hold You Till It Hurts’ which follows is a real standout track out on the album, as Beres focuses on how he has changed since his lover left and anticipating her return, focusing on how he has changed and how he wants to hold her “till it hurts” instead of gazing at the ceiling. This is followed by ‘Seasons Change’ and ‘All Love’ which are very solid album cuts from Beres and really help to mould the album together.

‘I’ll Try’ is another standout effort, with Beres focusing on his attempts to rekindle a romance and his difficulties with jealously and changing feelings during his attempts to do this, reminiscing on his times with this person and maintaining that he’ll have to keep trying to make sure the relationship works.

At the end of the album, Beres breaks it up with the slow and thoughtful ‘Love Foreclosure’ quickly followed by the uptempo ‘Lose It All’, the soulful ‘Survival’ and rounds the album off with the title track ‘Never Ending’ which features Beres’ signature vocals with a one drop drum beat, which adds a stronger reggae feel to the final track and really brings the album together.

‘Never Ending’ continues Beres’ legacy of producing deep meaningful relate-able music that has served him so well throughout his career. With his signature strong vocals and incredible melodies Beres has made his sixteenth album one of his best and really continues to build on his amazing catalogue of music. Beres has truly cemented himself as one of the most underrated artists in the world. 

Check out Beres’ new album ‘Never Ending’ below



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