Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Mighty’

Tommy Lee Sparta comes with ‘Mighty’ almost two weeks after dropping ‘Spartan Empire’.

Tommy Lee Sparta has had a busy year so far in 2018, releasing a steady stream of records throughout 2018, releasing 5 singles within the last month, Tommy Lee Sparta is not playing around in 2018. He’s even had one of the best dancehall beefs in recent memory with Jahmiel to top it off.

‘Mighty’ is classic gothic dancehall Tommy Lee Sparta, which admittedly might not be to everyone’s taste. Coming with a very ominous instrumental at the beginning of the track,  which is even topped off with a choir of backing singers. The track then drops into Tommy Lee going hard with his traditionally violent lyrics comparing himself to Tony Montana and warning of the repercussions of going against him or his crew. The hook stresses the strength his crew and their weaponry, “mi link dem mighty, mi friend dem mighty, mi gun buss mighty”.

This ominous track is accompanied by an equally ominous  lyric video, featuring Tommy Lee and his crew in gothic looking robes, whilst they proceed around what would appear to be an old church and cemetery.

Check out Tommy Lee’s ‘Mighty’ below

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