‘Money Fever’ Riddim

 Squash 6ix Boss- ‘Money Fever’

Upcoming Montego Bay deejay Squash is back on the Money Fever Riddim, coming with the title track on the riddim. ‘Money Fever’ was originally released back in August by Squash and focusing on Squash’s obsession with getting money and his aspirations with his money.

Chronic Law- ‘Brawling’ 

Chronic Law comes with an aggressive effort over the ‘Money Fever’ riddim talking about his love for shoot outs and violence in ‘Brawling’. Chronic Law shows some really impressive lyrical ability on this one and the combination with Versi makes for a really good track.

Vershon- ‘Cuban Link’ 

Vershon goes hard on the ‘Money Fever’ riddim focusing on the rewards of his success, with his ‘brand new S-class’ and girls that are ‘pretty like Amber Rose’.

Versi- Mid Night

Versi comes with his second effort on the ‘Money Fever’ riddim having featured on Chronic Law’s ‘Brawling’. Like many of the tracks on this riddim this again focuses on violence and making the place “dark up like Mid Night”. This quite an intense song from Versi with quite graphic lyrics and demonstrates a lot of lyrical skill.

Laden- ‘Nine Night’

‘Night Night’ unsurprisingly is another aggressive effort on this riddim. Laden demonstrates some really nice lyrical ability on this, flowing effortlessly over the top of the riddim at a very high pace.

Unknown Gringo- ‘Money Factory’

Unknown Gringo comes onto this riddim with a very distinctive voice and flow, telling us all about his wealth and his “money factory” with “a bagga money like we win the lottery”.

Big Voice- Chedda

Another artist with a very distinctive voice on this riddim as Big Voice comes in with a high pitch distant sounding voicing. ‘Chedda’ focuses on Big Voice’s pursuit of ‘Chedda’.

D Judge- Terrorist Friend 

D Judge who has recently collaborated with Squash on ‘Let’s Go’. Opening with the lines ‘sometimes mi a gun man, sometimes mi a artist’, D Judge is definitely not here to play around on this one, displaying very good lyrical ability and even the ability to change flow at various times throughout the riddim.

Teeque- Top Star 

‘Top Star’ is different to most of the songs on this riddim, instead of focusing on violence, Teeque focusing on his credentials as a gyallis and how he gets girls. He does stick to the other main theme on this riddim, talking about his wealth and money throughout the track.




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