Big Zeeks- ‘Big Dreams’ ft. E. Mak & Diggy Ustle

Big Zeeks drops ‘Big Dreams’ featuring frequent collaborators E. Mak and Diggy Ustle, the drop came with a video on Link Up TV.

The UK based dancehall artist Big Zeeks has a big track with ‘Big Dreams’. Big Zeeks is coming off the release of his EP ‘Empress’ which came out two weeks ago and again like on his EP, he is showing a lot of promise on ‘Big Dreams’, showing a lot of lyrical skill and again continues making quite a unique form of music, which isn’t quite 100% UK dancehall, but isn’t UK rap either. It’s a refreshing mix of the two and is a genre which is almost unique to him.

E. Mak and Diggy Ustle, who are associated with Big Zeeks through the Shellington High Road collective, show off some really impressive abilities hear as well, with E. Mak coming with a stronger rap vibe than Big Zeeks or Diggy Ustle; and Diggy Ustle coming with a stronger UK dancehall vibe coming into the track with a stronger patios verse that stands out at the end of the track.

As for the video, it begins with Big Zeeks at the setting up of Tripple S Audio’s sound system at Notting Hill Carnival, including scenes from his performance at the sound system throughout the video. The rest of the video centres around the three vibing on the corner outside a corner shop, nothing over the top here, just a really good song that doesn’t need an over the top video.

Check out Big Zeeks ft. E. Mak and Diggy Ustle ‘Big Dreams’ below.

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