‘Get The Strap’ Riddim

Shane O- Badman Vendor 

On this effort, Shane O lets everyone know he’s a badman vendor. He tells everyone the repercussions of being an informer and the aggressive nature he deals with people, even dropping the line “mi feed mi pitbull dem pon human meat”.

Rico Tayla- ‘Clean Money’

‘Clean Money’ sees Rico Tayla flexing over his ‘Clean Money’, saying he makes his money in what he deems to be proper ways, saying that “a man never buy my clothes that mi inna”, basically saying that he makes his own money and doesn’t need to sell his own possessions in order to make money.

Maestro Don x Potent- ‘Cross Di Toll’  

‘Cross Di Toll’ references the danger of going into an area where Maestro Don and Potent are, the whole premise of the song is warning those that might ‘Cross Di Toll’ about the weaponry that Maestro Don and Potent carry.

Munga- ‘Gal Magnet’

‘Gal Magnet’ sees Munga using a unique flow and voice to make a track that focuses on something other than violence on this riddim. Coming with a track shouting out his credentials as the “Gal Magnet”.

Konshens- ‘Go Fi Dem’ 

Konshens comes with an aggressive track on ‘Go Fi Dem’, with a track that focuses on the art of war, kidnapping and the deejay’s “gun shot barrage”.

Badda Bling- ‘Press Mi A Press’ 

Again another violent and aggressive effort on this riddim with Badda Bling warning of his “street sweeper” and making people “start to fret”. Badda Bling shows some quite impressive lyrical skills on this track.

Raine Seville- ‘Robbery’

Raine Seville warns boys to not get “fooled by my beauty and mi bumpa”. This track is one of the best on the riddim, with Raine Seville name dropping several deejays throughout the track and displaying some incredible lyrical ability, with “mi mek the boy Alkaline, haffi hide, when mi done with him, him cry the contacts outta him eye” , “mi find Aidonia and grap him with a quickness, him look pon me and say “Raine, you really a go do this”, and mi say “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, gimme dis” and even “rob Rygin King, and him ah say the ting Tuff”. This is a real standout track on this riddim.

Versi- ‘Shell Dung Dat’

Another track full of gun talk from Versi with ‘Shell Dung Dat’ with “rifle inna every hand”, Versi goes hard on this track and shows off some impressive lyricism with stand out wordplay like “mek them dance, like Ding Dong, Chicken and Beer”.

Jj Wizzle- ‘Wealth’ 

JJ Wizzle opens the track with “Wealth ah wi slogan”, so it’s pretty clear what this song is going to be about from the beginning, with JJ Wizzle flaunting all the things that wealth has brought him throughout the track such as the “24 around mi neck”.





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