Aidonia- ‘Big Baller (Benzema)’

Aidonia drops surprise new single ‘Big Baller (Benzema)’ on Friday, after teasing it earlier in the day on his Instagram.

Aidonia has had a relatively quiet 2018 so far, releasing few singles so far this year, after having an incredible 2017, which saw the release of massive hits ‘Breeze’, ‘Yeah, Yeah’ and ‘Hot Tool’. 2018 so far has seen the release of the video for ‘Breeze’ and singles ‘Scotch Bonnet’ and ‘VVS’, the latter being Aidonia’s take on US trap and showing real promise for the fusion of dancehall and trap. Aidonia would appear to be continuing this fusion with the single he also teased yesterday ‘Finessing’, which has similar artwork to his ‘VVS’ single and would appear to make a similar vibe.

On ‘Big Baller’ Aidonia flaunts his position as a ‘Big Baller’ likening himself to Real Madrid footballer Karim Benezema, with “gold pon mi neck, it nah give mi eczema”. The track sees Aidonia flaunting everything that his success has brought his him “mansion, hill side”, his “1000 US a bottle” cologne and his “Versace loafers”. Aidonia is celebrating success on ‘Big Baller’ and sounding good whilst he is doing it.

Check out Aidonia’s ‘Big Baller’ below

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