‘Stay Cool’ Riddim

Alaine- Grateful Heart

Alaine addresses everything that she is grateful on this track, she gives thanks for life, her relationship and the people around her.

Ce’Cile- ‘Riding For You’ 

‘Riding for You’ focuses on real love, with Ce’Cile focusing on what it means for her to say she loves someone and the loyalty that goes along with that.

Chris Martin- ‘Stay Cool (Break The Rules)’

Chris Martin comes with the title track for the riddim with ‘Stay Cool’. On ‘Stay Cool’ Chris Martin focuses on staying on his own course and not being swayed by other people and following his mothers advice. He stresses that you should not break the rules and give into peer pressure and stay cool and do what is best for yourself. A deep meaningful track from Chris Martin and it is definitely a highlight on this riddim.

Jah Cure- ‘Make Me Feel (Can’t Keep My Cool)’

Jah Cure dedicate this track to his special someone, addressing how she makes him feel and how it makes him unable to keep his cool. He addresses his want to settle down with her and have a family, which he admits in the track would not be his usual behaviour.

Kranium- ‘My Choice (Supn Fi Do)’

Kranium describes himself as a hustler through out this track, saying that he always has to find “supn fi do” in order to make money, stresses that whatever he chooses to do is “my choice”.

Pressure- ‘So Real’ 

Pressure describes his lady’s love as “So Real”, which is something that he has always been searching for. He stresses that her love has saved him from the street corner and made him realise what is really important in life, even going far enough to say that without her love he’d probably die.

Wayne Wonder- ‘Nothing But Loving’ 

With the very catchy line “every time I come by nothing but loving” really being the resounding message of this track from Wayne Wonder. Stressing his love for a woman that he finds totally irresistible.


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