Introducing- AR Ave

Introducing AR Ave, is an upcoming dancehall artist currently living in Ocala, Florida. AR Ave was born in New York and grew up in Jamaica.

He started making music at age 12, around this time his speciality was love songs, which he loved to produce. Singing at church and school in the choir he began to start honing his craft. At age 14, AR Ave moved to Florida and went on to start producing rap music at age 16.

AR Ave recorded his first song at age 18 and put his first single out on Soundcloud, his original work wa. He is currently working on his music everyday and beginning to build his own record label and studio ‘Red Eye Ent’.

He is currently working on an EP entitled ‘City of Hearts’ which will include music from a variety of styles including both rap and dancehall.

cityofhearts (1).jpg

When asked who his biggest inspiration was in making music, AR Ave said his two boys, as he wants them to live a better life than himself, AR Ave is pushing his music from a real place and trying make his and his family’s situation better as he is doing it. We at Destination Reggae ‘n’ Dancehall wish him all the best of luck in the future and hope to continue hearing great music from this aspiring artist.

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