Mavado- ‘Big Like Jesus’

Mavado drops ‘Big Like Jesus’ after causing probably the second biggest controversy this week in the dancehall space after dropping the artwork for the single, which features the deejay dressed as Jesus (don’t really think we need to tell you which is first).

Mavado’s ‘Big Like Jesus’ is his most recent release since the incredible ‘Dancehall Prophecy’ which dealt with the issues the deejay is facing in his family life and his career thus far. In ‘Big Like Jesus’ Mavado tells the whole Gully Side to “dweet it big… like Jesus”, dealing with the “dutty mind” people that hate on his success, even dropping the incredible line “everytime when mi diamond ah shine on mi neck, them ah pray fi it choke mi”. Mavado is pushing back against his haters and going to pursue success and try to do it “big like Jesus”.

Check out ‘Big Like Jesus’ below.

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