The Rise of Rygin King- Becoming “Dancehall’s Hottest Thing”

If you have been listening to dancehall in 2018 and haven’t heard of the name Rygin King, where have you been. The rise of Rygin King could be potentially one of the biggest stories to come out of 2018, with the deejay quickly placing his name amongst the biggest names in the genre and leading the charge alongside fellow Montego Bay native Teejay  of the new dancehall trap sound.

Rygin King who is only 23, has been working in music professionally since he left high school. Rygin King came into 2018, with his own unique sound. This can clearly be heard in his earlier efforts like ‘Feel Like This’ which dropped last November; and has since gone on to rack up over a million views on YouTube following Rygin King’s explosion this year.

Things really started to heat up for Rygin King with the release of ‘Things Go Change’ in February, which is an inspirational track from the deejay looking forward in life and hoping things are going to change. Things did definitely change for Rygin King following the release of this track, with the track instantly creating a local buzz for Rygin King.

Next came ‘How Me Grow’, which sees Rygin King reflecting on his growth in life and remembering the circumstances he was facing before his success. ‘How Me Grow’ was another instant hit in the local space, really igniting the Montego Bay dancehall space and creating an even bigger buzz for Rygin King.

Rygin King quickly followed this up with potentially the song of the summer with ‘Tuff’ in June, Rygin King was quickly becoming one of the top attractions in dancehall. Rygin King would go on to make his debut appearance at Reggae Sumfest, ending dancehall night alongside fellow Montego Bay natives Teejay and Tommy Lee Sparta.

Rygin King has continued to ensure his status as the self proclaimed “dancehall’s hottest thing” with recent releases ‘Legacy’ and ‘3ZN’ which both have gone on to have tremendous success both locally and internationally, with Rygin King already scheduled to make his debut appearance in the UK at the end of November.

Rygin King has exploded in 2018 as one of the most talked about artists in dancehall, with potentially the song of the summer already behind him and upcoming international tours, it would seem that Rygin King is definitely here to stay and looking to maintain his status as “dancehall’s hottest thing” for a little longer. 

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