Track of the Week- Spice- ‘Black Hypocrisy’

There could only really be one choice for track of the week this week, having broken the internet the day before, Spice released an incredible track in ‘Black Hypocrisy’ challenging the issue of colourism within the black community.

‘Black Hypocrisy’ could possibly be one of the most impactful dancehall tracks in years. With features around the world, with the track being talked about on the Wendy Williams show and written about in the Daily Mail in the UK, Spice’s message really had an impact across the world and that it is something that really can’t be ignored.

Spice made a point about something close to her heart and used her incredible platform to impact so many people. This is so powerful from Spice and really shows the amazing impact that this music has around the world and how music can represent something a lot bigger than ourselves and help to push across really important messages. Big Up Spice!!!!

If you haven’t already check out Spice’s ‘Black Hypocrisy’ below

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