‘Militant Step’ Riddim

Dre Island- ‘One Lion’ 

Dre Island reflects on his difficult upbringing and the trials of tribulations of living in what he calls the slum, the pull of taking up a life of crime and living by the gun. Dre Island reflects on the important of Rastafari in maintaining his focus.

Jesse Royal x Kumar Fyah- ‘Rocking Ship’

The title ‘Rocking Ship’ is referring to the ships that carried slaves from Africa to the Caribbean. Jesse Royal and Kumar Fyah link up on this track telling everyone to broaden their minds and look towards their roots in Africa.

King Mas- ‘Militant Step’ 

As the title implies this is a militant track, telling everyone to rebel for their cause and a take a step towards their ideals and not to allow things to stagnate and keep moving forward towards the collapse of Babylon and the capitalist system.

5 Star- ‘Well Firm’ 

5 Star is not bowing down to the Western ways of life on this track, not allowing the Babylonian system to control his way of life.

Million Stylez- ‘Dangerous’ 

Million Stylez tells the youth to focus and open up their minds to the dirty ways of the Babylonian system that is hiding information and trying to control everyone’s way of thinking.

Indie Allen- ‘Jah Love’ 

Indie Allen tells everyone that everything is going to be okay if you can rely on the love of Jah.

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