Interview- Wayne Marshall

Today we had the pleasure of having an incredible conversation with Wayne Marshall.

Wayne Marshall recently released the incredibly successful ‘Glory to God’ which has been well received around the world.

Wayne Marshall has long been a fixture in the reggae and dancehall world, having been previously mentored by the great Bounty Killer, had an album produced by Damian Marley and collaborated with artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Aidonia and Vybz Kartel. Just to name a few.

Wayne Marshall has seen it all and has released some really incredible music to go along with that.

Today we had the honour of talking to Wayne Marshall about his recent success, his inspirations, his aspirations and his advice for up-and-coming artists.

What was the initial inspiration behind ‘Glory to God’?

 Wayne Marshall- “Well the initial inspiration behind Glory to God is just based on my journey, my spiritual journey, I am a very spiritual youth, always trying to grow wiser and deeper in my spirituality. I am not really a religious youth.

I got the riddim in a stage of life where I was really trying to connect and build my conviction. When I got the riddim I felt an overwhelming inspiration that I have to glorify the most high on this track. I got it from the producers named Natural High, Blaze and Jordan. I just felt a flood of spiritual vibrations and energy. It is what I’ve always been trying to connect to musically over the years. I always tried to bring my music from a place where it… I don’t know where it comes from but it just comes and that is what I have to give thanks for, the unseen forces that are working with me in a creative way.

It was just based on that inspiration, just wanting to glorify the most high, the creator, I don’t know how to define this creative force but I know it’s there and that’s who I work for”.

Are you surprised by the success of ‘Glory to God’?

Wayne Marshall- “Yes.

I was really anticipating a great response when I was working on the track. When I was getting the production done of the track after we wrote the song and had it, I really felt that we had a gem.

But this response, the reaction in just 7 months since it’s been released has been really overwhelming.

I did anticipate that it would do great things. But then this is just awesome what has been happening . I get messages from all over the world people saying it helped them, it heals them, it uplifts them, its inspires them, this is all I prayed for. I prayed that I would get music that would do this for humanity and do this for mankind.

Yes and no, I am surprised but at the same time I was expecting the song to do very well and I still know that there is so much further that it is going to go.

So just give thanks and keep on praying for more and keep on asking the creator, that he guides the process”.

What is one message you want people to take away from ‘Glory to God’?

Wayne Marshall- “Well based on the response and the reactions I have gotten from people I know that it brings them closer to that spiritual vibration, that spiritual self.

That is really one thing I wanted people to get. I wanted people to be more convicted, to feel more conviction that there is a God and that there is a source. That there is a conscious creative force behind the universe that we all have to respect and give credence to”.

What have you taken away from the experience of making ‘Glory to God’ and the reception it has received? 

Wayne Marshall- “What I have taken away, the night I sang the song I really just laid it out. I made some affirmations that night and I see them coming to pass.

What that helps me to do. It helps to build my personal conviction that there is a God and that he is accessible to us. Not necessarily through religion alone, but we can all have our own personal spiritual aspirations and inspirations; and still find a way to know and feel and touch God.

It’s just building my conviction and building my belief in the fact that there is a supernatural force”.

What type of music can we expect to hear from Wayne Marshall in 2019?

Wayne Marshall- “Everything that my inspiration and my creative vibration leads me to, as I say I am not a religious person per say. All those restrictions that religion places on people, I don’t really go after that.

I take life as I see it in front of me and I know God has given us all of these great things. All these good and all of these bad things. If I discuss them in a song I feel it is only natural.

Expect good music, I am evolving as a musician, learning the music, studying the music, playing instruments”.

What is the most important thing that you have learnt in your career so far? 

Wayne Marshall- “There are so many lessons, everyday there are new lessons to be learnt.

The most important thing is that music is big. Music has power in it and is not something to be taken like it is a hustle.

Just growing in the music and understand it more and more. The more I understand it, the more I understand that it was given to us as a tool from creation. It is not a man made thing, it’s a God made thing. The same force that we don’t know of that created this creation has also given us this great music. Just kinda use it wisely. Use it to uplift, to inspire. Use it to teach. Use it to make people enjoy themselves.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a man that is just all about one type of music. As my career would suggest, I am a student of the music and I am a man of many moods and expressions. I just know that the music is big and great and I continue to be a student of it”.

Who has inspired you the most in your journey through music so far?

Wayne Marshall- “A lot of people inspire me, musicians inspire me, producers inspire me, a range has inspired me. Even supporters of the music, fans and dancers, everybody that plays a part in the music has inspired me at some level.

Bounty Killer was a big inspiration to me as a young youth at King Jammy’s studio. Looking at his career, looking at his growth, where he was coming from. From Seaview Gardens, he built himself to be a dancehall and reggae icon. That was a big inspiration. The fact that he was a mentor to me, he taught me a lot and took me on tour for the first time. He showed me so much. Bounty Killer is definitely a big inspiration to me.

King Jammy is himself to. He is an inspiration to me, his work ethic. His track record alone speaks for itself”.

Which of your songs means the most to you? 

Wayne Marshall- “I would have to say ‘Glory to God’. Because of the power that it has in it. People tell me that it moves them to tears. That it compels them to change their ways and change their life. In that sense it is a very spiritual song and it is a very impactful song.

Youths and elders, people in their 80s going into their 90s tell me that this song is a great song. Right down to the babies that can barely talk are humming the melody and dancing to it. So it is a universal song in a lot of ways, so I’d have to ‘Glory To God’.

What is one piece of advice that you would give an artist in Jamaica that is just starting out in music?

Wayne Marshall- “Keep on learning. Music is like mathematics, there is always more to learn and there is always another equation to figure out. Music is the same thing, as I said before it is not a hustle, it is so much bigger than just a normal tool for expression. It is so much more.

Just keep on learning and just keep on growing. I’d suggest that if you don’t know the music, the theory of the music, you learn it, that can only help you.

I always tell people if they have a good base talent in music and they work on it, study the craft of music, that will take them from one level to the next level.

That is what I am doing now, I am kind of growing in the music and trying to level up and get better and get wiser and get more powerful in the music. My advice is just keep on learning, keep on growing in the music and evolving and who knows where the journey will take you”.

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