Introducing- True Flexx

Introducing True Flexx, another incredibly promising dancehall artist out of the UK.

True Flexx began making music 17 years ago with Stylo G. True Flexx has seen a lot through his relationship with Stylo G and has definitely seen what it takes to get to the top of UK dancehall and continue to have a huge influence.

True Flexx’s main inspiration in creating music is God, as he sees his music as a way to take people away from the pain of their everyday lives and uplift them. Giving them something that they can enjoy, but also something that they can relate to.

True Flexx is always looking for help with his music and different forms of inspiration. He believes that through taking in different influences, the sky is the limit for his music  and this will allow his music to really connect with his listeners.

True Flexx’s most recent release ‘Phantom’ which is produced by Oceanic, really shows the incredible promise of True Flexx. Just try and not get pulled in by the infectious hook, which will be ringing off in your head all day. The riddim fits True Flexx’s style on this track perfectly and really displays a lot of the deejay’s skills.

Check out True Flexx’s ‘Phantom’ on ITunes below




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