Shenseea- ‘Sticks & Stones’

Shenseea really lives the mantra ‘Stick & Stones’ may break my bones, but words will never hurt me on this one. 

Shenseea has no time for people that want to chat behind her back, she doesn’t care about what people have to say about her. She is ready to start a war and is just waiting for someone to cross the line, she doesn’t depend on anyone and wants the opportunity to take down anyone that wants to question her credentials. These are fighting words from Shenseea, will anyone to step up to her challenge and come at her, because she definitely seems to be ready to go to war. I’d definitely be scared if I was trying to challenge Shenseea after hearing this one. 

Paco General- ‘Fifa’

Paco General makes it clear that you don’t want to play around with him on ‘Fifa’. 

Paco General stresses that this is real life “not a fifa ting” as he “rolls in like a team” with his crew hunting down his opponents. Paco General is rolling through with a team but not like Real Madrid they aren’t here to play football, they are here to do serious business. When Paco General and his team are shooting they are kicking footballs on this track, as they have a stadium full of supporters, his opponents don’t really stand a chance. 

Introducing- Jus X

Introducing Jus X, an upcoming reggae artist out of West Kingston. 

Jus X, born Devion Henry was born on the 10th of December 1988 in West Kingston. Jus X was drawn to music from a young age. 

As a result of political turf wars in West Kingston, Jus X’s family relocated from Denham Town to Passage Fort in Portmore.  During his time in Portmore, Jus X would meet a teacher by the name of Miss Janice J Dias, who Jus X calls his ‘Guardian Angel’.

When his family moved back to West Kingston, Jus X remained in Portmore as he was invited to stay with Miss Dias at her house in Waterford so that he would not have to  change school. Upon graduating primary school Jus X moved on to Jamaica College. 

His passion for music has always remained, in high school he was always writing songs and poems, staying current with all the new music and dub poetry.  Jus X always felt drawn in by music, but felt that he lacked the space to express his creativity. 

Whilst living in Waterford, he met Mickey Pelpa and started going to his studio to hang out, during this time Jus X felt especially inspired by the music of Bob Marley, Capleton, Sizzla, Peter Tosh, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel and Mavado.  

Jus X eventually decided to move back to Kingston, upon his return he began using the skills he had learnt whilst at the studio with Mickey Pelpa in Waterford and started recording songs on his phone with his longtime friend Keldon Robinson aka Curfew. Around this time Jus X found out that his cousins ran a studio in Kingston. At his cousin’s studio he would record his first songs ‘In This Life’ , ‘Number One’ and ‘House Party’. 

The success of this first recordings led to an interview at Roots 96.1 FM with Edi Fitzroy, which resulted in a track with Edi Fitzroy ‘Princess Black’.

Jus X is heavily inspired by other genres outside of reggae, looking at the international stage as his main aspiration, filling his music with powerful thought provoking messages using his creative style and deep lyrical content to make sure his music sticks with listeners and delivers his message. 

Jus X has recently worked with Valinteno Records on ‘No Justice’, ‘Currency’ and ‘Pre Positive’. The Geekay Production on ‘Some Dweet’. House A Music Records on ‘Achieve What You Believe’, ‘Tyad Ah Dem’, ‘Inna Jamaica’ and ‘Survival’; and Futuristik Records on ‘Blood Stain’. 

Jus X sees himself as being on a musical mission with the objective of reaching the hearts and minds of people all over the world, reaching people of every age and ethnicity with his messages. He is interested in working with anyone, and is open to working with any management firm or record label. 

Contact Number: +1 (876) 284 3675


Facebook: Devion X Henry 

Instagram: @jusxmusiq 

YouTube: JusX Henry 

Point Zero- ‘Katana’- Video

Point Zero wants all the girls to sample his ‘Katana’ in  the video for the track which dropped back in March. 

Point Zero is ready for all the girls to ride his ‘Katana’ in this video (obviously his motorbike) as Point Zero pulls up to the party on his Katana and is quickly surrounded by the gyaldem, who are clearly eager to test out his bike.

Alongside Point Zero’s Katana this video features some fine dancing with the bike even being used in some of the dance moves. This is definitely an entertaining watch.  

Beenie Man- ‘New Gal’

Beenie Man is about to  get a ‘New Gal’, buying a new suit, dressing to impress, spending money that he earned in the 90s. 

Beenie Man is the ultimate gyallis on this track coming out to party in order to get a ‘New Gal’, as Beenie says, all the girls are excited to see him when he steps into the venue. Beenie Man rolls through,  getting the bartender to pour out champagne for him and his friends, just enjoying life and getting a ‘New Gal’ in the process.