Steamz- ‘Tic Toc’

UK Dancehall artist Steamz, who recently featured on our introducing series has a big track on his hands with ‘Tic Toc’. Get used to hearing it.

‘Tic Toc’ which was released by Steamz last week, is a really impressive track from the deejay showing his ability to flow effortlessly on a riddim and shows some really impressive lyrical skills.

‘Tic Toc’ has since gone on to receive a massive co-sign from the viral sensation Shelly Belly. With Shelly Belly posting a video shared by Steamz on his Instagram. Which featured Shelly Belly dancing and ‘Tic Toc’ playing over the top of it of the video. Shelly Belly captioned the post “it sound bad fi real” “JUMP PON DI SHELLA” “#TICTOCCHALLENGE”.

This is a really good look for Steamz getting a massive cosign out in Jamaica from an influential and controversial personality in Shelly Belly.

Check out Steamz’ incredible track ‘TIC TOC’ below


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