Track of the Week- Govana- ‘Shrimp Patty’

Govana, perhaps the hottest deejay out right now, snaps up this week’s track of the week with the release of ‘Shrimp Patty’ which dropped last Sunday.

Govana has really found the formula for releasing hot records in 2018, potentially running away with deejay of the year so far. Govana has consistently kept his name at the top of dancehall, with some of the hottest releases and some of the hottest videos this year. Govana has made 2018 his breakout year and dominated the competition.

‘Shrimp Patty’ is a real standout track for Govana, coming with an explicit offering that shouts out every gyal with a “tight p***y”.

Govana has shown so many different skills this year coming with inspirational anthems like ‘Champ’, explicit tracks like ‘Shrimp Patty’, a ballers anthem with ‘Bake Bean’ and a conscious track that tells you to remember the struggles in life with ‘Weh Dem Know Bout’ with Vershon.

Govana has a tight grip on the pulse of the scene and has remained extremely relevant throughout 2018, continuously changing his direction and not allowing a particular type of music to define him.

Check out this week’s Track of the Week- ‘Shrimp Patty’ below

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