Black Rose- ‘London Girl’

Black Rose returns with another big track ‘London Girl’ following the release of her ‘ZeZe’ Remix ‘Don’t Like Me’.

‘London Girl’ sees Black Rose going more in a dancehall style, interpolating Diana King’s classic ‘Shy Guy’ on the hook and going fully patios throughout almost all of the track.

On ‘London Girl’ Black Rose is flaunting both her musical and physicals attributes, coming with a really impressive track that has Black Rose telling us all the ways she is keeping the men around her mesmerised.

Black Rose has got an amazing record on her hands with ‘London Girl’ and I strongly suggest that you check it out on iTunes and support the movement by purchasing this incredible track. To quote Black Rose it’s only “79p on iTunes cheaper than a bag a chips”. Get used to hearing a lot more of the name Black Rose.

Black Rose 2


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