Charly Black- ‘Tan Tuddy/Currency Body’- Video

Charly Black has made everyone’s Monday a little bit easier releasing a combined video for both his ‘Tan Tuddy’ and ‘Currency Body’ tracks.

The video opens with ‘Tan Tuddy’ with Charly Black living his best life at a pool party with some female companions. Spraying champagne, playing around with a super soaker and just taking in the views, the Country Boy is definitely enjoying life in this video.

Currency Body’ then swiftly follows, with the video focusing on what we are going to call the afterparty, the pool party has just finished and Charly Black is focusing his attention on one special lady and her “Currency Body”.

Both videos are very fitting for their respective tracks which have both been out for some time now, so it’s very nice to have a refreshing look back on them with new visuals.

Check out Charly Black’s combined video for ‘Tan Tuddy’ and ‘Currency Body’ below.

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