Track of the Week- Tarrus Riley ft. Mykal Rose- ‘Guess Who’

As soon as this was released on Friday, we already knew what our pick for track of the week was going to be. It is not very often that you get a young legend, in this case, Tarrus Riley, and an old legend, in this case, Mykal Rose from Black Uhuru, linking up on the same track. But this is exactly what we got on ‘Guess Who’ and it is honestly incredibly.

Mixing the dub elements of the original track and Tarrus Riley’s unique ability to switch between toasting and singing really delivered on this track, reinventing the classic Black Uhuru track ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’ and making it something that perfectly fits into reggae scene in its current climate.

Tarrus Riley has yet again proved why he is one of the best musicians that has come out of Jamaica in recent decades, adding another hit to an already extensive, having already produced hit tracks in 2018 with ‘Graveyard’ and ‘Simple Blessings’ (Simple Blessings not strictly being a track that came out in 2018, but definitely grew in popularity in 2018, following Tarrus Riley dropping the incredible video with Konshens, that features the beautiful Reggae Falls).

Tarrus Riley is yet another criminally under appreciated artist coming out of Jamaica, as the talents of Mr Singy Singy clearly stack up against literally every artist that is currently having mainstream success. Tarrus Riley has added yet another track with ‘Guess Who’ to prove his talents, maybe soon he will start getting the respect he deserves.

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