‘Braff’ Riddim

Teejay x Ding Dong- ‘Braff’

Ding Dong and Romeich’s entertainment’s newest superstar Teejay link up on the title track for the Braff riddim. Obviously Teejay had to lead the charge on this riddim, being that the slang “braff” is his own creation meaning to sit back and chill out. Teejay and Ding Dong are “braff” on this track because their “money nuff” they don’t need to worry about hustling to make money anymore, because they already have it secured.

Shenseea- ‘Trending Gyal’

Shenseea does not have to depend on anyone on this track, the number one trending gyal, aka the third dancehall artist to hit a million followers on Instagram doesn’t have to worry about having anyone to look after her, because she can look after herself.

Stylez- ‘Chip Ice’ 

Upcoming Romeich entertainment artist Stylez, describes the perfect party settings on ‘Chip Ice’, while he is “braff” with ice on his wrist, stinking rich, awaiting his next flight, everyone around him is turning up and feeling the vibes.

Flamz- ‘Life’ 

Flamz sets out his principle for success and life on this track, he is never going to change who he is for success and fame, he is going to stay with his people and make sure that they are heap the rewards of his success.

Kash- ‘Mek Wi Party’ 

Kash delivers a party anthem on ‘Mek Wi Party’ it’s time to hit the street, rave and catch some serious vibes. Kash doesn’t want to catch up on missed sleep he wants to turn up with his people and enjoy life.


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