Introducing- Alfray

Introducing upcoming all-around artist and former footballer Alfray a.k.a Mr Mek Sense.

Born Alberto Renaldo Fray in the Olympic Way District of Kingston on the 13th of August 1978 .

Alfray always had a deep love for music, but focused on playing football throughout his childhood. Eventually leading to a career playing in the Jamaican premier league, even playing for the Jamaican national team.  Alfray’s career in football taught him the importance of confidence whether that be on the field or on the stage, always remaining confident is something that gave Alfray success in football and he hopes will be something that will bring success in music. 

Throughout his footballing career, his love for music always remained and eventually took total control.

Beenie Man was the first person to introduce Alfray to a recording studio, recording his first single in 2000. He was since gone on to work with Studio Vybz, Journey Music, Beatmania and Jelly Music. 

Alfray’s brother, who is sound system selector, also helped to motivate Alfray as he motivated him to write songs for riddims that he would then include in his mixes, which also helped Alfray to generate a following 

Alfray is inspired by his father, his faith and his love for music. These three things all give Alfray a drive that he hopes will allow him to keep creating great music and go as far as the music can take him, he wants to be able to motivate people and create a foundation with which he can help people around him. 

Perhaps, Alfray’s biggest recent release came with ‘Bring Back’ which features Beenie Man. ‘Bring Back’  was created by Alfray and producer StudioVybz, with StudioVybz making the link with Beenie Man. With both Alfray and Beenie Man calling to “bring back the fun inna dancehall”.  It’s an incredible track and you should definitely check it out.

Don’t forget with Alfray a.k.a Mr Mek Sense, everything has to #meksense, his music #meksense, he #meksense and his emergence in dancehall is definitely going to #meksense. 


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