Interview- Medikk

If you haven’t heard the name Medikk you better get used to hearing it. Medikk is quickly emerging as one of the most promising female dancehall acts that has come out in 2018, which with the current level of talent on the scene is no easy feat. 

When talking to Medikk you can tell that her music comes from a genuine place with her main  inspiration, as she puts it, coming “from life itself. I am a very spiritual person, who looks at the world around me and takes inspiration from that”. She also maintains that it is important to learn from those that have had success in their careers and to be able “to look up to artists both locally and overseas“. 

Although only at the start of her career Medikk has not been afraid to tackle issues that are often avoided by the wider music industry. Recording ‘Overcome’ with Shane O that focuses on the horrible effects that sexual assault has on young children, being an issue that Medikk wanted to “take seriously, and something I wanted to raise awareness of“.

Medikk has shown a lot of versatility so far in her career, being able to record a song like ‘Overcome’ that focuses on incredibly serious issues, but also being able to record songs like ‘Waistline’ and ‘Proud Matey’ that focus on just enjoying life and having fun.

When describing the creation of ‘Waistline’,  Medikk describes just having fun in the studio on her birthday.  “I was there having a ball, I was there whining and joking around with producer in the studio saying he couldn’t handle the waistline“.

Medikk stresses the importance of music as a “fun creative form” and something especially with a song like ‘Proud Matey’ should not always be seen as a true reflection of the artist. “I could be singing about someone else, I could be someone’s wife, yet still make a song like ‘Proud Matey'”

Looking towards the future, Medikk is looking to keep making a name for herself and expanding her brand. With the release of the video for ‘Waistline’ on the horizon, she is looking to make sure that she stays a recognised name on the local scene continuing to”turn up to parties, here and there“. 

Looking furtherinto the future, Medikk wants to continue to promote herself internationally. “My first goal is being out there a bit more on the international scene“. Which will then help her to complete her second goal of “getting millions of views and  ticking off all the major music industry achievements”. 

Medikk is an incredibly promising young artist and it was an incredible experience talking to someone with such a bright career ahead of them. Medikk has shown herself as both a conscious and entertaining artist, she is happy to switch up her musical style in order to deliver a message that she sees as important. Our only advice to everyone reading, is to get used to hearing the name Medikk, because you will definitely be hearing it for many years to come. 

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