Mr Vegas- ‘Ball A Play’- Video

Mr Vegas is a top baller in the video for ‘Ball A Play’, calling the coach to make a quick change and put the deejay into the game . He assures the coach, he is going to “score on the p****dem”. 

Mr Vegas releases the highly anticipated video for ‘Ball A Play’, with the single originally being released at the end of October. Unsurprisingly the video features Mr Vegas,  against his protests on the bench gearing up for the coach to give him the opportunity to “score on the p****dem”. 

The deeper meaning of the track is revealed towards the end of the track with Mr Vegas appearing to hold pictures of various other deejays, before placing a few of these pictures onto a bonfire. This is followed by Mr Vegas placing a sheet reading “Blacklisted”  onto the fire. Mr Vegas is making his opinions very  clear on his current treatment in dancehall on this track and is certainly not holding back as Mr Vegas believes it is time to let him “score on the p****dem”. 

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