Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘A Come’

Tommy Lee Sparta ‘A Come’ back with yet another release as he looks set to takeover dancehall at the end of 2018. This time coming on the ‘Pulse’ Riddim produced by duo Jaxx and Staxx. 

Tommy Lee alongside flooding the scene with releases over the last couple of months, has also been showing an increasingly versatile side. This time coming with a slow jam for the gyaldem,  Tommy Lee breaks down the experience of getting intimate with the deejay, promising a lot of things to those that want to get involved. Tommy Lee is definitely promising a good experience to the gyaldem on this one. 

Tommy Lee is showing a lot of different skills in his recent releases with the deejay coming with a variety of different sounds. Tommy Lee has been building up a lot of hype for his upcoming album with his recent releases, with Tommy Lee going to ONSTAGE TV  to discuss his upcoming album with Winford Williams,  which is looking to drop near the beginning of 2019. 

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