Interview- Navino

Navino has been around on the Dancehall scene for a long time now, having worked alongside some of dancehall’s biggest names, having been an integral part of J.O.P, working alongside Aidonia and Govana; recording tracks with the likes of  Beenie Man; and maintaining a very active profile throughout the years, with frequent releases on some of the biggest riddims. 

Although Navino has already had a  tremendous amount of success in dancehall, he is eyeing up 2019 as his breakout year. We thought it was only right to have a conversation with Navino  before we head into 2019, to discuss his career so far, the music he is currently working on and why 2019 is going to be his breakout year.

Going back to his origins  Navino explained the creation of the name Navino which came about before his success in music, with the name dating back to his youth. The name Navino started out as a joke amongst his friends  that stemmed from his “hair that looking like an Indian’s hair” with his friends originally calling him “Navi” before lengthening it to Navino. 

Navino’s career has spanned well over a decade to this point with the deejay’s career going through a lot of different stages. As Navino puts it, he has been through “lots of ups and downs” experiencing difficulties alongside his success. He believes this has positioned him well as he looks to transition from creating  “a bagga gun gun song” to a more positive and conscious angle, looking to create “real household music” that the whole family can listen to and take in his message. 

Having worked alongside some of the biggest names in the scene Navino has  a “great feeling” about everything he has learnt from these artists, looking at his journey and the great artists he has worked with, some of whom he “grew up listening to”, Navino feels prepared to take on his next chapter having learnt a lot of important lessons throm these artists. 

‘Brand New’ Navino’s recent collaboration with Beenie Man is a track that means a lot to Navino. Looking back on it’s creation with both artists “always having mutual respect for each other”, with Navino having performed several times at Beenie Man’s ‘Summer Sizzle’ show. The track came about organically, with Navino having been recording at the studio when “Beenie pulled up“.  Navino asking Beenie Man if he would jump on the track, with Beenie Man, to Navino’s delight, recorded a verse on the track. 

This was yet another important experience in the studio for Navino. Navino has always looked at the studio as being the birthplace of  his success, with importance of it being that it is  the place were “(he) works for success” with Navino seeing recording his hits songs in the studio as his “biggest moments in (his) career”. 

Looking back on the incredible tracks Navino has released so far in his career, he says it is hard to pick out his favourites as they all “mean a lot to (him)” . In terms of his biggest single Navino points towards the classic anthem ‘Chilling Time’ as his biggest song, which was a big hit on the Overproof Riddim back in 2011. 

2019  is going to be Navino’s big breakout year with a “bagga songs ready for release”, “a couple singles with Markus Records” and a lot of “international collaborations coming in 2019″ . Navino is also eyeing up a big international hit records, the type we have not seen since the big dancehall singles released by the likes of “Shabba and Sean Paul”.  Navino is looking for “unity in the scene”. He is also looking forward to being “back in the spotlight” following all of his “ups and downs” and “making the whole music business look” in his direction. 

Navino left us with one bit of advice for those starting out in the industry, “nobody is special, do good music, sing good songs and hold a vibes, don’t get ahead of yourself and stay positive”. 

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