‘Moon Light’ Riddim

Christopher Martin- ‘Pressing’

Christopher Martin is going to keep pressing on now matter what obstacles are in his way, he is never going to stop and get caught up in any “dutty rat trap”, he isn’t going to pay attention to the corruption and illusions, he is going to keep pressing forward and succeed. 

Chuck Fenda- ‘We Nuh Fear Evil’ 

Chuck Fenda isn’t scared of evil on this track, he is not scared of wicked people with “a bagga gun”, he is going to keep positive and overcome all these obstacles, he has Jah by his side and is going to combat all the evil he sees in life. 

Fantan Mojah- ‘Nah Follow Them’ 

Fantan Mojah isn’t a follower on this track, he isn’t going to follow the normal trends of society, which lead to people being swallowed by the system. Fantan Mojah wants to go against the trends and “shine like a star”.  

Gappy Ranks- ‘I’m Doing Good’ 

Gappy Ranks has moved away from badness and wants everyone to know it on this track, telling everyone and his “mumma” that he is doing good now, he isn’t fussing and fighting, he isn’t selling drugs, he is just doing good and living a positive life. 

Lutan Fyah- ‘My Mama’ 

Lutan Fyah dedicates this one to his mama, looking at all the suffering his mama, reflecting on how good it feels for him to see a smile on his mama’s face. Lutan Fyah is treating his mama and making sure that smile stays. 

Jah Vinci- ‘Something About Your Love’ 

Jah Vinci reflects on his love for his special love with a certain girl, reflecing on this certain something about her love that keeps him wanting more. Jah Vinci feels complete with the girl by his side, who as he says brings meaning to his life. This track was originally recorded back in 2012. 

Khago- ‘Angel’ 

Khago thinks he has found an ‘Angel’ on this track. Khago has been searching a long time for a girl like this and he thinks he has finally found her on this track, he’s been longing for some one to slow him down and settle him down and he seems to think he has now found her. 

Zagga- ‘Let Love Be’ 

Zagga wants everyone to ‘Let Love Be’, for everyone to have love in their hearts, to move away from badness and war, to stop fighting one another and conquer everyone with love. Zagga knows the only way to combat the issues in society is through love. So “let it flow like the rivers to the seas”. 

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