‘Hott Steel’ Riddim

Esco- ‘Buss Dem Jelly’ 

Esco is rolling with the biggest dogs and they aren’t scared to make someone a duppy. They are rolling around with rifles and will happily “Buss Dem Jelly” if someone steps against Esco and his crew. Esco has the chopper loaded and he is talking about something to cut open coconuts, he is talking about some heavy machinery. 

I Octane- ‘Run Up’ 

I Octane is ready to ‘Run Up’ on his enemies and show them exactly what “the rifle do”, he is about mash up someone’s face, he doesn’t care if they are chilling on the corner with their girl. I Octane will stop at nothing to show everyone he means serious business. 

Iyara- ‘Bury Yuh’ 

Iyara will not stop at anything until his enemies are buried in the ground, he is going to fill up his enemies with corn, telling them that they better start to prepare for their own Nine Night. Iyara is going to put on a gun show for anyone that wants to go against him. 

Scenatro- ‘Hott Steel’ 

Scenatro comes with the title track on this riddim, as he prepares the ‘Hott Steel’ for anyone that comes against him, they will soon have a rifle pointed at their head. Scenatro isn’t hear to hear a bagga chatting he is here for serious business and will do anything to put his enemies in “a funeral home”. 

Teejay- ‘Pull Up’ 

Teejay is ready to ‘Pull Up’ and “press the rifle pon people” on anyone that chats to the deejay too much. He is ready to put his opponents in the grave, Teejay is not hear to play around and he means every word he is saying. 

Talis- ‘Wig N Skirt’ 

Talis is ready to start the war and show his opponents he means serious business as he runs up on his opponents and busts the glock. Talis has announced that is killing season and he is ready to go to war with his opens. 

Versi- ‘Clown Dem’ 

Versi is ready to collect spent shells after he pulls up on the ‘Clown Dem’, he knows that they aren’t serious when they talking about weaponry and Versi is about to prove it as he pulls up. 

ZJ Liquid- ‘Gunz A Work (Mobay Anthem)’ 

ZJ Liquid reflects on the situation in Montego Bay, looking at the amount of weaponry in Montego Bay and the attitudes and prevalence of violence in Montego Bay. Breaking down the situation in every individual ghetto. 

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