Govana- ‘Flavours’

Govana shows us some more ‘Flavours’ on his latest single, coming with a different sounding riddim and a different flow. 

It might be reaching the end of the year but that doesn’t mean that the competition for deejay of the year is over just yet, with several names in contention it looks like it is going to be tough to decide who has had the best year, but Govana adds yet another track to add to his profile in the conversation with ‘Flavours’. 

‘Flavours’ sees Govana boasting of his ‘Flavours’, basically telling us that the gyaldem know exactly what to expect from Govana, a bagga flavours, whether that be how he treats the gyaldem or the herbs that he is carrying Govana is just a flavoursome yout.

Govana has been showing his versatility throughout 2018 and ‘Flavours’ is no exception as he comes with a different sounding riddim,  coming with a strong tropical vibe with loud steel pans featuring in the riddim produced by Chimney Records. Govana comes with a different flow as he boasts of his flavours. Govana has definitely shown us all a lot of musical flavours this year. 

Check out Govana’s ‘Flavours’ on full display on his latest single as he adds yet another track to his deejay of the year profile. 

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