Busy Signal- ‘Show Love’

It’s time to ‘Show Love’ wit Busy Signal, as he shows love for everybody, for Jamaica, for the US, for the world on his latest single. 

Busy Signal has released some incredible tracks in 2018, with the smash hit ‘Stay So’ being one of the biggest tracks of the year. Busy Signal has remained active with constant releases this year making sure that his name remains relevant in the scene, with several of his videos this year going far beyond a million views on YouTube. Busy Signal has remained one of the most popular artists in dancehall and wants to show a little bit of love for everyone involved on his latest single. 

‘Show Love’ is all about positivity with Busy Signal using a Christmas themed riddim to put out his positive message. Showing love for everyone from Popcaan, to everyone out in England, to everyone in Japan, Busy Signal is really feeling the love and wants everyone to feel the love with him. Telling everyone to give thanks for life and celebrate “Saturday to Sunday”, Busy Signal is certainly feeling good about life right now. 

‘Show Love’ for Busy Signal below 

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