Dejavu- ‘Tight Little’

Dejavu drops ‘Tight Little’ trust us when we say there is nothing little about this track. Dejavu brings the heat with his latest single and we can’t wait for what is to come in 2019. 

‘Tight Little’ is an anthem for the gyaldem, specifically the gyaldem with the ‘Tight Little’, with Dejavu dedicating the track to those that possess this attribute.  It’s safe to say that Dejavu can’t get enough of the  ‘Tight Little’. 

It’s time to turn up with Dejavu’s ‘Tight Little’ coming with an infectious beat and hook, you will definitely have some difficulty get this track out of your head.

Dejavu has created an incredible track with ‘Tight Little’. After hearing ‘Tight Little’ we are definitely even more excited to hear more of the tracks on Dejavu’s “computer full of hit songs”. 

Check out Dejavu’s anthem for the gyaldem with the ‘Tight Little’ below. 

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