Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Habit’

Tommy Lee Sparta proves that constant releases has become a ‘Habit’ for the deejay in 2018, releasing yet another single today. 

Tommy Lee looks set to become a later contender to the deejay of the year discussion with his constant impressive releases over the last couple of months. Tommy Lee has both proved that he can prolifically release and record music, but he has also clearly been trying to stress his versatility in recent releases giving his fans a lot of different looks over the last several months, coming with quite traditionally Tommy Lee gothic dancehall on tracks like ‘Spartan Empire’ and ‘Mighty’, but also releasing several records which look to show Tommy Lee’s skills in other areas with tracks like ‘A Come’ which is a slow jam of sorts from Tommy,  the gyal song ‘Tip Her’ and relatively light and uplifting dancehall tracks  ‘Relevant’ and ‘One Way’. 

Tommy Lee is back to usual ‘Habit(s)’ on his latest release, sticking with what really developed his name in dancehall, coming with his usual violent lyrics as he is “carrying his matic” everywhere he goes, as well as stressing his ability to make money and get gyal. Tommy Lee is showing that making big tracks has become a ‘Habit’ in 2018, dropping yet another incredible track. Tommy Lee has made the last couple of months in 2018 his own, creating an incredible buzz going into 2019, with an album going out early in 2019, this buzz is definitely going to serve him well. 

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