‘Peppa Mint’ Rididm

Busy Signal- ‘Know You Good’ 

Busy Signal knows the gyaldem well on this track, breaking down the reasons why a girl might have issues with her man, telling them exactly what to avoid in order to maintain the interest of their man. Busy Signal is telling the girls exactly what to do keep their man on this track. 

Christopher Martin- ‘Ketch Up An Peppa’

Christopher Martin dedicates this to the girls that need a bit of spice in their life, and unsurprisingly Christopher Martin is willing to provide the “Peppa” for the gyaldem. He wants to help those that need a little bit more spice in their lives. 

Mr G- ‘Find Your Girl’ 

Mr G tells the men exactly where they can find their girl if she has gone missing, Mr G’s bedroom. Mr G is giving the missing girls exactly what their man is not giving them, Mr G has the stamina and the skills to keep the gyaldem. 

Konshens- ‘Set It Up’ 

Konshens calls the girls to ‘Set It Up’, its time for the gyaldem to bend over and set up the whine for Konshens. Let’s hope someone can provide Konshens with the whine he craves on this track, as he is looking for a whine to make him want to fall in love. 

Krysie- ‘Spoil Me Good’ 

Krysie, who recently featured as one of the Introducing artists on our site, wants someone to spoil her on this track. Shes looking for a man to treat her right and provide her with everything she wants, she is sick and tired of men nowadays, she is looking for a man with money and not “a bagga mouth”.  

Zamunda- ‘All A Me Friend’ 

Zamunda wants to see all his friends that have stuck by him since the beginning sharing in success. Those that have always believed in his dreams and supported him, to have success with him. 

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