Rygin King- ‘Powerful’

Rygin King has been beyond ‘Powerful’ in 2018 and he has released yet another single to continue his run towards deejay of the year.

‘Powerful’ comes as Rygin King’s first official release in a month following the release for the video for ‘Paranoid’ which was released on the 15th of November. Another track in the form of ‘Hold On Me’ has been released but it does not appear to have come straight from the Rygin King camp.

Rygin King gets inspirational on ‘Powerful’ reliving his path to success, opening the track by dedicating it to inspire his fan base. Rygin King reflects on the time he took to “marinate” in 2017 before exploding in 2018. He looks back on the friends he has lost throughout his journey, all this reflecting seems to have put Rygin King into another gear and reignited his passion for music as he looks to come “better than ever before”, which could be a scary prospect for the competition in 2018.

Rygin King tackles so many topics on this single, discussing his unique style, his aspirations for 2019 and his path to success. Rygin King has been ‘Powerful’ in 2018, but if as he has alluded to in this single he is about to come “liker never before” in 2019, I think his competition should be quite scared.

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