Introducing- Kurtici

Introducing Kurtici, an up-and-coming dancehall artist out of Kingston.

Kurtici was born in Kington, but later relocated in the 1990s to live in the United Kingdom, with his family settling down in Brixton.

Kurtici has since returned to Jamaica, to pursue his musical aspirations. Kurtici sees the local scene in Jamaica as the best place to hone his talents and create a name for himself.

Kurtici’s infatuation with music began during his teenage years, like many young people in Jamaica, Kurtici would regularly listen to the latest dancehall tapes with his friends, these early experiences helped to fuel his desire to become a dancehall artiste.

Kurtici began his career at age 16, making his debut onstage at a local event. Since this event Kurtici’s love for music has continued to grow.

Since his return to Jamaica, Kurtici has worked with a number of top producers in Jamacia, including Anchor, Cash Flow Records and Armzhouse Records.

Kurtici sees Jamaica as the ideal place to centre his career “because dancehall is Jamaican culture” and as a Jamaican, he feels “a need to represent” the culture in “the real way”.

Kurtici describes himself as a vibrant artiste with a street flow that has the potential to really connect with the youths on the street as they will be able to relate to the lyrics and themes in his music. Kurtici looks to maintain his links to authentic dancehall roots, creating music that reflects the incredible path of dancehall before him.

Perhaps Kurtici’s most successful single so far is ‘Real Way’ which was originally derived from a local popular slang, but has since go on to take on a life of it’s own, it has even evolved into a dance and has been making the rounds in the dancehall and on local radio.

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