Masicka- ‘New Year’

It seems that Masicka is already ready for a ‘New Year’, despite already putting himself in deejay of the year contention in 2018. If Masicka is even more prepared for 2019 that he was for 2018, we are about to see something historic.

Masicka has managed to cement himself as one of the top names in dancehall in 2018, showing his incredible versatility throughout 2018, dropping some incredible inspirational tracks like ‘They Don’t Know’ and ‘Stay Strong’, but also showing a variety of looks, celebrating success on ‘Gifted’ and ‘Lifestyle’ and dropping tracks for the gyaldem in ‘Ride’ and ‘Queen Inna The Deck’. Masicka has managed to record hit song after hit song in 2018, and it would appear that he has used his formula to success in 2018 on another record in ‘New Year’.

‘New Year’ sees Masicka ready to clear his magazine and ring in a ‘New Year’ on his opposition. Masicka’s opposition doesn’t carry the same weaponry as Masicka and the Genahsyde, they simply aren’t ready for these levels of confrontation, there is no where they can run and hide, Masicka is going to hunt them down and ring in the ‘New Year’.

Get ready for a ‘New Year’ with Masicka below.

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