Introducing- M-Gee

Introducing M-Gee an upcoming dancehall, reggae singer-songwriter from Kingston.

M-Gee grew up Kingston, attending Trench Town High School. M-Gee spent his early years developing his talents singing at the church which he attended with his mother. His talent for singing was quickly recognised and he was motivated by the church members and the community residents to focus on a musical career. M-Gee quickly built a reputation for him musical talents by singing at many local events throughout Jamaica.

M-Gee would go on to emigrate to the United States, living in Philadelphia. Whilst residing in the US M-Gee decided to make another attempt to further his singing career.

In December 2011, M-Gee released ‘Never Come See’ which quickly became a hit in the dancehall scene, with the track being played throughout the United States, England, Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.

In January 2012, M-Gee released ‘No Tail’ which labelled him as a controversial artist due to the concept of the track. The official video for the single was released in April 2012 premiering on many of the most viewed reggae networks throughout the Caribbean and in the United States. M-Gee’s work has been notably recognised by the Jamaica Star and The Observer where he has been featured as a headline entertainer.

M-Gee has been able to well demonstrate his versatility as an artist throughout his career with his tracks focusing on a multitude of issues and themes, with ‘Life Is Not A Joke’ being a cultural songs which aims to encourage others to maintain a positive outlook in life. M-Gee looks to provide lyrics that listeners are able to relate and gravitate to.

M-Gee’s official personal reintroduction to Jamaica was in December 2012 when he performed at Sting. He left his foot print on the concert with memorable renditions of ‘Cheap and Clean’ and ‘Back Pocket Hail’.

Throughout 2013 ‘Cheap and Clean’ and ‘Back Pocket Hail’ grew M-Gee’s fan base in Jamaica, with the tracks being on constant rotation amongst some of the top radio stations, which secured M-Gee several notable interviews and stage show performances.

M-Gee’s overwhelming position reception in 2013, led him to work with JA Productions recording ‘Di Gal Dam’ on the Afterlife Riddim, with M-Gee featuring alongside some of Jamaica’s biggest artists including Konshens, Romain Virgo, Mavado and Agent Sasco.

He would also later record ‘Di Wine’ on the ‘Rewire’ Riddim which again showed M-Gee’s ability to record hardcore dancehall alongside his normally more light hearted tracks.

In December 2013, he worked with GS Music Entertainment label in the release of ‘Eva Clean’ on the ‘Sunlight Street’ Riddim.

In 2015, M-Gee released ‘Life Too Sweet’ and ‘Delilah’ with Gully Bop, both of which became viral hits on social media and quickly grew into household hits across Jamaica.

M-Gee’s latest projects ‘Good Good Avenue’ and ‘Tun Up’ have continued to show the development of his talent.

For More Information on M-Gee, check out his socials below: 

Facebook- MGeeReggae 

Instagram- @MGee_Music 

Twitter- M-Gee Music

YouTube- MGeeVevo


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