Popcaan ft. Davido- ‘Dun Rich’- Video

Popcaan is topping off an incredible 2018, with yet another video release from his phenomenal album ‘Forever’, this time coming with the video for ‘Dun Rich’ featuring Davido.

Popcaan has had a phenomenal year so far keeping his name relevant in the local scene with incredible single releases, alongside furthering his career internationally with the release of his second album ‘Forever’ which saw Popcaan once again link up with US based Dre Skull and Mixpak.

Popcaan’s year seems to have gone from strength to strength, with Popcaan being the second dancehall artist to hit a million followers on Instagram, selling out Wembley Arena, an almost unheard of feat for a dancehall artist and putting on perhaps the event of the year in Jamaica with Unruly Fest, which saw Popcaan bring Drake and Tory Lanez to St Thomas, alongside legendary performers Bounty Killer, Agent Sasco, Cocoa Tea and I Wayne.

Popcaan’s 2018 has been historic for dancehall, once again proving that he is perhaps the biggest dancehall artist internationally right now, with Drake announcing Popcaan signing to OVO at Unruly Fest, it seems that this could be only the beginning for Popcaan’s international career.

As for the video for ‘Dun Rich’, Popcaan makes a trip to Nigeria to link up with Afrobeats superstar Davido, with Popcaan celebrating the beauty of some of the fine women of Nigeria, before hitting up a stadium with Davido to finish off the video, with the stadium looking almost abandoned except for some dancers, athletes and the two superstars.

This isn’t what you would normally expect of a dancehall video, but Popcaan is always pushing the boundaries with everything he does in dancehall, the quality and production of the video is incredible.

Popcaan clearly has a clear idea of how he wants to come across, he wants everything he does to compete with the top artists internationally and he has definitely done so on with this video.

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