Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Born Wicked’

Tommy Lee Sparta reminds everyone that he was ‘Born Wicked’ on his latest single as he continues his assault on the end of 2018.

Tommy Lee Sparta’s output towards the end of 2018 has been quite honestly phenomenal, it seems like not a week goes by without Tommy Lee dropping at least one track.

Tommy Lee has plenty to celebrate alongside his constant output of incredible tracks, he has now been freed of all lottery scamming charges, something which has impacted Tommy Lee’s career since the charges were originally filed back in February 2014.

Tommy Lee and his legal team are now preparing for a second battle with the Jamaican Government as they are beginning to gear up to sue the Government to recover some of the money they believe that Tommy Lee lost as part of his ongoing legal battle with the government.

Tommy Lee continues to show his reputation as one of the baddest men in dancehall on ‘Born Wicked’, as the title implies Tommy Lee Sparta was ‘Born Wicked’, he has been wicked since he was a little youth and his competition simply can’t compete with that level of longevity. Tommy Lee is an experienced badman, so you better fear him.

‘Born Wicked’ is Tommy Lee at his badman finest, with his usual graphic lyrics and gothic themes Tommy Lee is showing the dancehall scene that he is still the man that controls gothic and graphic dancehall.

Tommy Lee Sparta has been a badman since he was a pickney and he demonstrates that on ‘Born Wicked’.

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