Vybz Kartel- ‘Boom It Off’

Vybz Kartel wants a gyal to ‘Boom It Off’ as he drops his final track for 2018 on the 31st of December.

Vybz Kartel is ready for a gyal to ‘Boom It Off’ in his last single for 2018, Kartel wants to know what skills the gyal in question has in the bedroom before she gets the opportunity to ‘Boom It Off’ with Kartel proposing questions like “can you do it slow, can you do it fast?” and just being inquisitive about the gyal’s skills and attributes in the bedroom.

Kartel seems to be pleased by this gyal’s skills in the bedroom, as he is ready to “borrow somn blue” and get married. Kartel is “rushed” by plently of gyals but he seems to have found his gyal in the one that can ‘Boom It Off’

Kartel gets ready to have a gyal ‘Boom It Off’ below

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