Dre Island- ‘My City’- Lyric Video

Dre Island introduces you to ‘My City’ on his latest single, reflecting on life in Kingston and all the things that he sees going on around him.

Dre Island continues to show why he is one of the hottest up and coming artistes in Jamaica on ‘My City’ as he breakdowns day to day life in Kingston.

‘My City’ sees Dre Island exploring life in Kingston, with Dre Island focusing on his love for his city, but also focusing on the prevalent crime in Kingston and the negative aspects of life in Kingston. Dre Island knows that the struggle is real in Kingston and day to day risks people face. Dre Island also tackles issues he sees in the political system, wondering where the guns are imported from and the lack of responsibility the government takes for the issues facing voters in Kingston.

Listen to Dre Island’s track ‘My City’ below

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